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360 Degrees Viewer – WordPress Plugin



This viewer uses a list of images to simulate a 360 degrees object rotation or object animation.

The multiple interaction methods makes is usable even on touch devices.

It supports:

    3 ways of interacting with the viewer
        control bar
        main drag&rotate area
        rotation toggle button
    You can use any number of images

UPDATE – 13 July 2012 – VERSION 1.2

Big Update, guys!
Big New features:
– responsize resize
– new loading system (this improves A LOT bandwidth usage. The viewer will load images only if needed)
– new way to configure and initialize the viewer.

– preload animation + other small code improvements.

You will need to re-download the plugin, install it and configure it with the new settings if needed. It is backwards compatible.

All explained in Help file.

File Updated – 12 sept 2011

– IE error fixed on some IE versions – it may cause an error when images are loading.

– New setting available: Auto Loop – starts rotating the object after image load.

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