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Flexible Mega Menu – WordPress plugin



Flexible Mega Menu is a responsive mega menu WordPress plugin
that enriches the abilities on editing the content and appearance of navigation menus,
wherever they appear in website pages.
The main plugin’s tools, the editors of menu style and menu item settings, as also their integration in WordPress Customizer make the creation and configuration of mega menus even easier and more effective.

General features

  • Configure the content and styling of any navigation menu, including widgets navigation menus
  • Menu styles and items settings editors, developed using the latest WordPress features
  • Compatible with WordPress Customizer
  • Multi-menu support
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-browser

Menu style editor

Menu Style Editor Demo

Menu Bar

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Optional stick on screen while page scrolls to bottom or/and to top
  • Logo image selection and display settings
  • Styling settings

Menu Items

  • Select an icon or an image thumbnail for each item
  • Optional hide item’s texts, usable for items with selected icon or thumbnails
  • Conditional display of each item
  • Optional stick menu bar items on left/right of horizontal oriented menu bars, or on top/bottom of vertical oriented
  • Styling settings, seperately for each item’s state (default, hover, active)


  • Choose between mouse hover and click for expand trigger action
  • Expand position and animation options
  • Choose between items columns, pages or widgets for each mega submenu content
  • Ability to organize mega submenus contents in tabs
  • Styling settings

Responsive and Mobile

  • Custom mobile responsive breakpoint
  • Toggle bar’s display options
  • Independent logo image selection
  • Optional stick toggle bar on screen while page scrolls to bottom or/and to top


v2.0.3 18 August, 2017
- Bugs fixes.

v2.0.2 12 July 2017
- Bugs fixes.
- Minor improvements.

v2.0.1 24 June, 2017
- Bugs fixes.
- Minor improvements.

v2.0.0 15 June, 2017
- Navigation menus styles editor:
    + Implemented new editor with improvements in design, usage experience and performance.
    + Added new settings options.    
- Navigation menus items settings:
    + Replaced with a new editor in pop-up window.
- Integrated menus styles and items settings editors in WordPress Customize page.
- Added support for navigation menus in widgets.
- Added automatic plugin updates.
- Improvements in various processes, including the navigation menus performance in front-end.
- Bugs fixes.

v1.0.5.3 - 14 April, 2016
- Minor bug fix that caused problems on sticky items of menu bar.

v1.0.5.2 - 11 April, 2016
- Bug fix to prevent conflicts with the functionalities of navigation menus of themes.

v1.0.5.1 - 25 February, 2016
- Bug fix, in "Appearance > Menus" admin page when adding menu item.

v1.0.5 - 9 February, 2016
- Bug fixes and improvements in menu walker code(php).
- Fix minor bug in process of uninstall.

v1.0.4.2 - 31 December, 2015
- Minor bug fix.

v1.0.4.1 - 20 December, 2015
- Bug fix.

v1.0.4 - 16 December, 2015
- Code improvements/updates.
- Bugs fixes.

v1.0.3.1 - 10 December, 2015
- Code improvements/updates.
- Bug fix.

v1.0.3 - 8 December, 2015
- Code improvements.
- Files/folders structure improvements.
- Bugs fixes.
- Update FontAwesome font (v4.5.0).
- Update Google fonts list.

v1.0.2.1 - 26 August, 2015
- Bugs fixes.

v1.0.2 - 09 August, 2015
- Bugs fixes.
- Performance improvements.
- Updated built in styles.

v1.0.1 - 24 July, 2015
- Performance minor improvements.
- Updated CSS and Javascript files.

v1.0.0 - 21 July, 2015
- Initial release.


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