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How to Get Free Traffic on Social Media CPA Marketing 2017


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Free Traffic Methods through Social Media

If you are looking to grow your affiliate marketing business, there is a way to get started and that is through free traffic.

I must first warn you that free traffic while not costing you anything in terms of money, will cost you in terms of time. There is no easy way around it. If you are looking to make money online through free methods, be prepared to put in work that may not pay off immediately.

Right now, some of the top free traffic sources that a new affiliate marketer can use is

There are others, but these are the ones that are getting the most conversions online and I believe that you should stick with these for not.

It is the largest search engine on the Internet. And if you can get exposure here, you are golden. However, getting exposure on Google requires time, patience and following certain guidelines. Many a marketer has tried to circumvent Google’s TOS and have gotten stung by the mighty beast. So be warned, this is not an easy market.

The largest social media network on the market, bar none.
Like Google, very enticing, but you need to be careful. Facebook is the Bridge Too Far. You can see the potential, but they make it very difficult to get exposure on their site without paying. Usually free traffic will include you creating pages and promoting them through word of mouth and personal influence.

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Owned by Google, more and more people are using YouTube to search for information, provide How Tos and brand their products. If you can rank on the first pages of YouTube, you stand a chance of directing a level of influence.

Instagram is the new kid on the block. Affiliate marketers are quickly learning of the potential of Instagram to provide a traffic source. However, I know several marketers who are getting results through black hat methods.


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