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Progress Map, List & Filter is an extension of Progress Map WordPress Plugin. The “List & Filter” plugin allows you to switch “Progress Map” carousel to a list but this is not all, the plugin provides various powerful features that will boost up your site. The plugin provide an advanced search tool that allows to explore listings by applying multiple filters. You can filter using multiple taxonomy terms (categories) and/or multiple custom fields.

Beside the filter, the plugin provide another tool that allows to sort listings based on multiple orders. The sort tool is not limited to the default options (“A to Z”, “Z to A”, …) of the plugin, you can add unlimited custom options based on your custom fields (e.g. “sort by price”, “sort by surface”, etc …).

List items can be displayed as grid and/or list. Every element in the plugin can be adjusted from the settings pages. All actions are handled using AJAX. There are other features that i’ll let you discover yourself by trying the demo. Enjoy & have fun!

To use this plugin, you must install “Progress Map WordPress Plugin v3”!

Flag Counter


27.01.2019 - version 3.1.0

- Fixed a PHP error
12.08.2018 - version 3.1

- Added some missing strings to transtation.
25.07.2018 - version 3.0

- New: Possibility to filter listings by click on "ENter" for "the Keyword" field.
- Fixed a JS error causing the pagination to stop to work.
- Make it compatible with "Progress Map 4.0".
05.07.2018 - version 2.4.2

- Make it compatible with the changes made in "Progress Map v3.9.2".
16.09.2018 - version 2.9

- Make it compatible with "Progress Map 3.9" 
04.06.2018 - version 2.8

- New: Possibility to change the main colors of the plugin from the plugin settings (Progress map => Customize).
- Changed all frontend .PNG images to .SVG 
20.05.2018 - version 2.7

- Fixed an issue where the pagination wasn't working when using the shortcode in a taxonomy page template.
- Fixed some PHP errors related to the filter
11.03.2018 - version 2.6

- New: Added an option to hide the featured image in the list items. "List items settings => Items image".
- New: Added an option to remove the ellipses/dots (...) at the end of the content. "List items settings => Show ellipses".
- New: Added an option to change the map width. "Layout settings => Map width".
- New: Added new filters to translate the plugin.
- Added missing strings for translation.
08.02.2018 - version 2.5

- New: Possibility to open the single post page inside a modal/popup ("List items settings => Post URL => Open inside a modal/popup").
- Improved the autofit function when the filter results is only one post.
- Fixed an issue where pressing Enter in the field "Keyword" field submits the filter form.
- Changed the plugin files structure.
- Optimized the plugin images.
13.12.2017 - version 2.4

- New: Possibility to filter posts by date custom fields. Added new field (Datepicker) to the filter.
- New: Possibility to add and display a description of each field in the filter form.
- Fixed an issue where displaying 6 elements in one row of the list wasn't possible.
05.10.2017 - version 2.3

- New: Possibility to clear all items from the list on page load and to display them only after sending a search/filter request from an available search tool. "(Custom) post type & Map settings => How would you like to use this map?" 
- New: Possibility to close or open each filter field container on page load. "Search filter settings => (Keyword filter Parameters) Display Status | (Posts Publish Date Parameters) Display Status | Taxonomies (Display status) | Custom fields (Display status)" 
- Fixed an issue where links in the list were not working after filtering
02.06.2017 - version 2.2

- New: Possibility to filter posts based on a keyword term. "Search filter settings => Keyword filter".
- New: Added option to enable/disable scrolling to an item in the list when its related marker on the map is clicked. "List items settings => Scroll to list item".
- Fixed an issue where using a taxonomy with the filter fields "Number", "Range slider" & "Single slider" returns an error.
- Removed the filter field type "Datepicker" that was added by mistake. This field type is still under developement!
- Added missing strings to "WPML string translation" 
22.05.2017 - version 2.1

- New: Possibility to filter posts by publish date. "Search form settings => Posts Publish Date Parameters".
- New: Possibility to change the display order of the filter fields. "Search filter settings => Filter fields display order".
- New: Possibility to change the display order of the sort options. "Sort options settings => Default Sort Options | Sort options settings => Sort options display order".
- New: Added a new field that allows sorting posts using different custom field types. "Sort options settings => Custom Sort Options => Custom field type".
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to filter posts that have specific terms using the operator parameter "AND".
16.05.2017 - version 2.0

- New: Possibility to create unlmited number of filters. Each filter can be used with a map from "Progress Map".
- New: Possibility to change the order of the taxonomies and taxonomy terms in the filter.
- New: Possibility to exclude and/or to include specific taxonomy terms in the filter
- New: Possibility to change the order of the custom fields and custom field values in the filter.
- New: Possibility to change the order of the sort options.
- New: Possibility to display the filter buttons in the top, bottom or both positions of the filter.
- New: Possibility to hide the filter form on page load.
- Rebuilt the plugin from the ground up to make it compatible with "Progress Map v3".

Note: You must watch the following videos before your update to v2:
 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJBqU6FNIo
 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hFoSCi6aFI
16.03.2017 - version 1.2

- Added an option to display the filer buttons on the top of the filter form. Available on "List & filter => Search filter settings => Filter buttons position" 
- Added possibility to translate the default sort options using the .pot file.
- Fixed an issue with the count of the number of posts related to a custom field in the filter.
- Fixed an issue where the taxonomies and custom fields were not removed from the admin section "List & filter => Search filter settings".
- Fixed an issue wehere the scroll was not working.
20.12.2016 - version 1.1

- New: Added options to disable links on the list images & titles. Available on "List & Filter => List Items Settings".
- New: Added the possibility to change the zoom level when a user clicks on button to view the list item on the map. Available on "Progress Map => Carousel settings => Map Zoom".
- New: Possibility to order the terms in the faceted search using the hooks "cspml_filter_terms_orderby" and "cspml_filter_terms_order".
- Fixed some issues where displaying multiples maps & lists on the same page produces errors.
- Fixed an issue where adding HTML tags on the posts content breaks the layout.
- Fixed an issue when hidding posts with no coordinates.
- fixed an issue in the CSS to prevent conflicts with other themes and/or plugins.


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