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Reco – A recopilatory theme for Ghost



IMPORTANT: this template is for Ghost CMS not WordPress.

Reco is template excellent for magazines, blog, freebies or mockups. It is focused in the content, speed, code quality and SEO in mind. It is compatible with Ghost 2.6.x with the latest translatable feature.


We offer direct help via our support system, just submit a ticket if you have any question.

What our customers says:


  • New! Full Koenig Editor Support: see here.
  • New! Syntax Highlight see here.
  • New! Download button shortcode see here.
  • New! Subscribe widget. Screenshot
  • New! Lazy load.
  • Translation ready (English, Spanish and Portuguese Included).
  • Minified and Optimized code.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 ready.
  • Ghost 2.6.x compatible.
  • 2 Single post dispositions
    • Fullwidth: cover for large images, see here.
    • Standard: image inside the article, see here.
  • No Sidebar template for Post and Pages see here.
  • Custom Tag page, see here.
  • Custom Author page, see here.
  • Custom 404 Page see here.
  • Search Widget.
  • Gallery Support, similar to a WordPress Shortcode.
  • Native Google Maps v3 Integration, similar to a WordPress Shortcode.
  • Advertising sections.
  • Disqus Support.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Video Support (Vimeo, Youtube, etc).
  • Retina Display Ready.
  • Font Awesome icons.
  • Works on Android, Ipad and Iphone.
  • Documentation included.
  • Clean Design.
  • Well Coded.
  • Navigation Menu.


v4.1 - 26 November 2018
- The major improvements on this update are related to speed.
- Added: lazy load feature, with the new Google Insight test now is needed to load images dynamically.
- Improved: lowered the subscription background image quality.
- Improved: now the search box will work on focus instead of pageload (minor speed boost).
- Now Reco can achieve 100% Desktop score

v4.0 - 23 October 2018
- Important Feature: Now Reco has a new design (same as WP version).
- Added: resources counter for every author.
- Added: new translations.
- Added: new share buttons below every post.
- Added: zip file with old Reco design (if you don't want to change it).

v2.7 - 01 September 2018
- Feature: Now Reco supports Galleries on Koenig Editor
- Minor fix: changed lightbox arrows color, from gray to white

v2.6 - 23 August 2018
- Updated: Now Reco supports Ghost v2.0.x
- Important: Reco v2.0 - 2.5 stills supports Ghost v2.0 with minor warnings.

v2.5 - 02 August 2018
- Feature: Portuguese language has been added (thanks to Renato for sharing!)
- Feature: Now Reco supports Koenig editor.
- Fixed: minor translated strings on English and Spanish.
- Improvement: moved all css file into SCSS so all files will be autocompiled with Prepos 6.
- Moved: grids-ie.css to dist/ folder.
- Updated: SASS folder renamed to SCSS.
- Updated: Prepos 6 config with the new SCSS folder.

v2.1 - 28 June 2018
- Fixed: Duplicate Search results if the page is not refreshed.
- Improvement: "Design improvements" 
    + Larger titles on single post.
    + Featured image now is using gradient instead a dark overlay.
    + Tags buttons now are using more spacing to the bottom (for large amounts of tags inside the post).
    + Removed zoom icon from Flickr
- Minor changes to Prepos 6 Config.

v2.0 - 04 June 2018
- Improvement: Reco was moved to SASS.
- Added Syntax Highlight support.
- Added Share via Email button.
- Removed: Inline CSS.
- Added: Critical CSS instead of inline CSS.
- Documentation Updated: added new section "How to change main color".
- Documentation Updated: added new section "Syntax Highlighter".

v1.3 - 26 May 2018
- Fixed: select arrow icon not displaying correctly.
- Added: published with "Ghost" text on footer.

v1.2 - 16 May 2018
- Added: Download button shortcode for resources or external links.
- Documentation updated: new section "how to add a download button".
- Moved: inline css to partials folder to keep the code clean.

v1.1 - 11 May 2018
- Minor fix: Firefox and IE not rendering fonts properly.


Images by: unsplash and pixabay


Fonts icons by: Fonts Awesome


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