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Tattoo designer WordPress plugin



Tattoo designer WordPress plugin : allows visitors to create and design beautiful tattoos directly on a wordpress website.
It´s highly customizable and very easy to use..
Installation video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wrsxBvzDvk&feature=youtu.be

Live Preview: Click Here.


  • Let the user upload picture or take snapshot using webcam.
  • Choose tattoos shapes or upload new ones from user devices .
  • Move ,remove ,resize & rotate tattoos shapes.
  • Add unlimited numbers of tattoos texts
  • Colorizable Text using colorpicker.
  • Change the Color, Size and font of the Text.
  • Add custom fonts from google Font .
  • Let the user save the designed tattoo as image.
  • Download the Designed image .
  • Print the Designed image .
  • Share it on Facebook , Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, linkedin.

for any Question/Customization please email us to : gordoncodes@gmail.com


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